My love for cooking was planted in me as a very young boy, growing up on the south side of Chicago. I remember listening to my mom and aunts cooking together while I stood in the doorway. My mom would often pull me in to help dice up all the ingredients for many of the dishes being prepared. As they cooked and tasted, more ingredients were always added in, which included the family staple: Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. During dinner, the question everyone always asked the cook was “Girl what’s in this?!” , or the most famous phrase “You put yo foot in this girl!” - that was said as the HIGHEST compliment to the cook.

These memories shaped my understanding of cooking. Over the years, I began to develop a cooking style - rooted in flavor. I started making my own rubs and blends at home and giving them as gifts to family and friends. My career took me in another direction, but my passion for making really good food with distinct, savory and wonderful flavors never left.

As a father, it was important that my son developed his own root in flavors. Baptized in soul food, at an early age I introduced him to Asian, Indian, and Central American cultures, and used their flavors married with Caribbean spices to begin a journey cooking at home. Along with my son, my husband has become my biggest seasoning critic and support in helping perfect my craft. 

After years of this being my passion, I came to the realization that now was time to connect my talents and passion with the rest of the world. Thus, the birth for Southern Roots Spice shop. Southern Roots is the vehicle I plan to share my love for seasoning. My hope is that we inspire you to create amazing food experiences, layered with flavor and richness, and that we help you get rooted in spice!